The Seven Seas

The best feature of these islands is their diversity. Over 3000 species of fish and over 300 species of corals have been identified here. Seas from the Philippines, Maluku Islands, and Australia meet here to support an incredibly prolific and diverse assortment of marine life. In addition to the non-stop fish life, there are oddities like Wobbegongs, giant clams, and a variety of critters. Strong currents are good for drift diving and isolated lagoons are great for muck diving. Walls, coral slopes, and patch reefs are terrific for all-around diving. Island topography, too, is varied. There are coral cays and granite islands with steep walls. Some areas have hundreds of rock islands similar to those in Palau. Others are surrounded by mangrove forests. This area is not to be missed.


Dive Sites Visited

Kri Island

Kri has several sites and Cape Kri is one of the fishiest. The fish numbers and variety are truly amazing. The site is current dependent. Generally it’s a steep slope with beautiful coral growth, lots of reef and schooling fishes, including the giant Queensland Grouper.

Sardine Reef

Sardine Reef has really giant clams at 10m (33ft) but it’s all about non-stop fishes here. There’s a resident school of bumphead parrotfish in the shallows, colorful soft corals and plenty of critters.

Kaboei Bay Rock Islands

The bay is a labyrinth of rock islands. Visibility isn’t great but this is a great place for macro and finding odd nudibranches, mollusks and the pictured dragonet. Bat caves and skeletons are found on some of the islands.

The Passage

This is a drift dive through a narrow channel near Waigeo. Look for archerfish among the mangroves, orange cup corals, seahorses, and percula clownfish.

Fam Island

Several sites near Fam have stunning coral growth. Sponges and soft corals add color and fishes keep it going. Sites include walls, sloping reefs, and muddy bays.


Misool is awash in fish life and huge sea fans. Caverns and boulders mark several sites. The schooling fishes seem endless and pygmy seahorses live in less than 10m (33ft). Some sites are current dependent.


AC Throughout, Fine Food, 16 Crew including Masseurs, Service is 5 star.
Digital Photo and Video Editing Suites,
Iridium Satphone and Satelite Data,
Entertainment System, DVD, 29 inch TV, Stereo Sound, etc…
Hot and Cold Deck Showers
Full service bar
Sun deck covered deck
3 speedboat
rental equipment

Diving Support..
Twin 9 CFM Compressors (Shiffaur)
28 Tanks
9 Sets Rental Dive Equipment
3 Tenders with Twin Outboards


Cabins/ Onboard Facilities

All cabins have split air-conditioning and full ensuite.

Guest Rooms

This vessel has three floors, main deck, below deck and upper deck.

The main deck supports the main air conditioned living area and dining room, a huge kitchen, staff and crew accommodation.

Below decks is the 6 Deluxe Passenger cabins with ensuites, of course all are air conditioned, spacious, and tastefully decorated.

Located on the Upper deck is huge sun deck and lounging area ideal for shooting the breeze whilst cruising. Behind which is the Bridge, and 2 Master Suites, one of which has a separate attached cabin with twin bunks ideal for a family. The staterooms open onto the rear covered cruising deck.