Port Vila

As the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila is a charming potpourri of cultures, blending elements of Melanesian, European, Chinese and French tastes. Free of skyscraper office blocks, this relaxed town is set within a magnificent natural harbour. The diving in Port Vila is full of hard corals, great reefs, tropical marine life, caves and swim throughs, plus multiple wrecks which are great for first time wreck divers or as a build up to the magnificent shipwrecks at Santo.


Getting There

Port Villa is Vanuatu’s capital and lies on the southwest coast of Efate, the second largest island in the chain.

Fly into Bauerfield International Airport in Port Vila and we can arrange a taxi/shuttle/boat transfer to the resort.

Best Time To Dive

You can dive all year round in the idyllic dive destination of Vanuatu. Water temperatures range between 26ºC with the dry season (Winter) between April and October.

Dive Sites

The Star of Russia

Built by the same company that gave us the Titanic, this iron hulled three mast square rigger was renowned for her good looks, seaworthiness and speed. Now resting at the bottom of Port Vila harbour (at 34m) you can explore her fully intact hull, swim around her masts and get up close to the anchor machinery. A fascinating wreck dive with a unique story.

The Cathedral

One of the Pacific’s most amazing cavern dives and must when in Vanuatu. Enter at 20m and marvel at the amazing shafts of light created in this vast cavern. Swim to the back and up a chimney 200m inland where you can surface inside the reef! This site is home to shrimp, nudibranchs and leaf scorpionfish.

Tranquillity Bommies

Coral Bommies are scattered on white sand covered in both hard and soft coral. Fish in all shapes and sizes abound here and turtle sightings are common. Dugongs often visit this area and although timid, have stayed with divers for more than an hour or so. Adding to the interest are buoys and rings from a WWII anti-submarine net where lots of small fish make their home in the tangle of steel.

Other sites include: M.V. Aloara, Bonzer 111, M.V. Belama, M.V. Roimata, The Tale of Two Planes; Twin Bombies, Fila Island Reef, Mele Reef, Paul’s Rock, Clown Colony, Gotham City, Moso Drift, Owen Reef, Bottle Fish Cave, Grouper Gutter, Hat Island.


Port Villa offers a range of accommodation options from budget motels and hotels, small mid-range resorts and hotels to upmarket and luxury beachfront and overwater bungalows.