Olya - Active Travel Expert

With a passion for travel, cuisine and volunteering, Olya has travelled to and lived in numerous countries. An extended stopover in South Korea for teaching English submerged Oyla into a new and exciting world. An experience that not only saw her as a teacher but a student of Korean culture.

With just under 30 countries on her travel resume, highlights include visiting Prague, Czech Republic, Nice in France and Dubrovnik in Croatia. But it’s a big world out there and much more to explore with South America definitely on top of her bucket list!

With a retail travel certification, fluent in Russian and a few years in the travel industry, Olya brings extensive clarity as an active travel expert to travel&co.

From experience:
Learn key phrases in the local language of the country you are travelling to and don’t assume everyone speaks English.The people in the countries you visit will certainly appreciate it!

To talk to Olya about booking your active travel experience contact:
Phone: 1800 042 195
Email: olya@travelandco.nz